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Support automation made for iGaming

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Train chatbot

Instantly train chatbots with new information from URLs or documents, keeping responses up-to-date and relevant.

Setup chatbot actions

Accurately understand and respond to customer inquiries with AI-driven intent classification, improving resolution rates.

Deploy to multiple channels

Deploy chatbots across 15+ channels, including web chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, ensuring accessibility wherever your customers are.

Human support

Transition conversations from chatbot to live agents smoothly, maintaining context for a cohesive customer experience.

Track performance

Access live data visualisations to monitor customer support operations and make agile decisions.

Universal player assistant

Proto Assist is building an AI personal assistant, starting in the gaming industry.

Universal player assistant

Proto Assist is building an AI personal assistant, starting in the gaming industry

Unifying betting engines
The player assistant collects real-time data from betting engines to save player search time.
Boosting second-time deposits
The player assistant uses personalised and timely chats via messaging apps to increase new player retention.
Replacing websites & chatbots
The player assistant replaces casino and sportsbook websites & chatbots that are slow to deploy.

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| Ask me anything

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Case Study

AI-enabled player support in Asia

Betadda, a leading online gaming brand in Asia, scaled Proto CX automation across four countries for 24/7 player support in Hindi, Hinglish and English.


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Read about five common CX metrics that gaming brands track, and how to improve them in a fast, cost-effective way.

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