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Improving the player experience: AI-enabled proactive chat for iGaming


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Proactive chat can be a powerful tool to engage, inform, and retain players. From providing information about games to offering help at the right touchpoints, here are strategies gaming companies can use to make proactive chat work for them.

iGaming is a competitive industry – and one that will only grow more competitive as it evolves and matures. In a study of 2,400 online casinos, iGB found more than 25,000 unique games, leaving players with a lot of choice. That means player retention can be a challenge, particularly in a fast-changing market with so many new options.

However, the evolution of iGaming from its physical roots to the digital sphere has trapped some of the gaming industry’s player retention strategies in the past. Online casinos that stick to older playbooks will lose out to companies that take full advantage of digital channels.

One important advantage of digital channels is the ability to personalize the player experience. When players are logged in, iGaming companies can tailor proactive messaging to draw player attention to the help topics and other information that is most relevant to them. Below is a primer on proactive chat for gaming brands: what it is, advantages, and best strategies for player retention.

Personalized proactive chat for iGaming

Proactive chat is just what it sounds like: a custom greeting or message that pops up from a chatbot widget when the player visits a website. It’s the digital equivalent of a floor runner greeting someone in a physical casino.

In the brick-and-mortar example, the floor runner usually doesn’t have much background information about the player they’re approaching – however, proactive chat on digital channels can be much more tailored to each player. For example, iGaming brands can customize proactive chat based on the webpage a player is on, or where they’re browsing from.

Key advantages of proactive chat

One of the advantages of proactive chat over other common tactics like pop-up messaging is that proactive chat doesn’t interfere with the player experience; players can still enjoy games with a small chat widget visible at the bottom of their screen, rather than dealing with a pop-up message that they’re forced to interact with in order to continue.

Proactive chat for player support can also be a way to improve website UX. Instead of navigating through menus to find the help items they’re looking for, players can ask their questions conversationally in the chat window.

How gaming brands can get the most out of proactive chat

iGaming companies can use proactive chat to give players insight into features they may not have discovered yet, depending on their interests and where they are browsing from. For example:

  • Proactively directing players to gaming rules in their region
  • Streamlining KYC processes for new players browsing the site
  • Personalized menus based on a player’s account information

It’s common for new players to have questions about different games, account setup, and more when browsing a new gaming site. Brands can use proactive chat to place strategic messaging that aligns with the player journey on their site, so players don’t have to go searching to find answers to their questions.

Additionally, iGaming brands can tailor player support messages to language and geographical location, so players can be confident they’ll receive localized support from a rep (or chatbot) that speaks their language. For example, Proto’s solution for is currently available in three languages with upcoming capabilities for an additional 10 languages.

An example of a proactive chat menu with quick options for deposits, promotional offers, and more.

Not all player support solutions are made equal

Proactive chat is an excellent feature for iGaming companies to retain and engage players at key points in their journey. However, it won’t be as effective unless it includes other CX automation features as well, such as:

Multilingual support: iGaming brands looking to scale globally should prioritize multilingual support for proactive chat, especially if not all of their website features and graphics can translate to players’ local languages.

Analytics: Knowing where players are chatting from, what channels they’re using, and when they are most active are key ways to optimize proactive chat even further. Without analytics, it’s impossible to know which strategies are working and which ones to update.

Live chat support: Many players appreciate the quick, round-the-clock responses that automated chat can provide, but complex questions often need live support. CX automation that seamlessly connects players with live agents is a must for the best quality player experience.

Proto CX automation for player experience

iGaming companies like Yolo deploy Proto’s AI Customer Experience solution to offer automated multilingual service across multiple iGaming brands – and take advantage of Proto’s proactive chat features. 

To try out proactive chat for your iGaming brand, reach out to our customer support specialists to see how proactive chat can help your gaming brand scale.

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